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A healthy family unit is the best working model of Parent/Child relationships. We believe that the Foster Parents are an integral part of the treatment services children/youth receive in foster care. Their commitment to continued personal and professional growth is essential. Optimal training programs are in place all year round.

Our Training Philosophy

Bridgeway believes in the necessity for ongoing and comprehensive Foster Parent training and professional development to empower our Foster Parents with the knowledge base required to gain the depth of understanding into the Foster Child/Youth’s background needs.

Bridgeway is committed to:

  • Personal growth

  • Professional development

  • Education and awareness

  • Comprehensive yearly training sessions

  • Equipping Foster Parents with excellent child management skills and strategies

  • Developing a supportive Foster Parent community

  • Networking with experts in their fields of study to promote best practice

  • Health, safety and optimal growth of all children/youth in care as well as all Foster Parents

  • Customizing and responding to the learning needs of each Foster Parent

Bridgeway believes that Foster Parents are an integral part of the treatment services children and youth experience in foster care. An important part of becoming effective Foster Parents is continual personal growth and professional skill development.


Bridgeway is committed to provide ongoing training and education for Foster Parents recognizing that this is vital to healthy Foster Parenting, longevity of placements and good outcomes for children.  Bridgeway provides education to all Foster Parents with excellent, up-to-date and evidence informed training and information in order to best equip them to deal with the issues pertinent to the child population and to all aspects of fostering.


There are 10 monthly In-Service training sessions per year dealing with a wide range of topics including annual training FASD, CPR and UMAB (Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour).


Bridgeway offers additional, individualized training for Foster Parents that specifically relate to the individual clinical needs of the Foster Children/Youth in their care.





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