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Bridgeway strongly believes that the family is the best environment to promote warmth, nurturance, normalization and structure for a child/youth in need. The foster family is the foundation for healing and for establishing a sense of security and safety for each child.


Bridgeway Family Homes is an exceptional and caring community providing specialized family-based, child-focused foster care.

Our team encourages each child and youth to continue their development within a loving and nurturing environment that supports them to reach their life potential.

Our pillars of success are: respect for the well being of families and individuals, integrity in all relationships and professional excellence.


Bridgeway will

  • Represent the highest standards of Specialized Foster Care now and in the future.

  • Implement best treatment practices for every child and youth in care.

  • Acclaim and support a competent, committed and compassionate Foster Parent community.

  • Deliver customized and comprehensive training programs.

  • Be innovative in developing new services to meet our client’s needs.

  • Collaborate with our service partners to develop best practices.

  • Make a difference in our community both locally and globally through shared resources.


Bridgeway believes

  • Children have the right to a safe and permanent home in which to thrive and to reach their potential.

  • Children are celebrated, accepted and nurtured on their journey of learning and growth towards independence.

  • Bridgeway Families are valued and respected for their unconditional love, dedication and sensitivity in caring for children.

  • Bridgeway Families have the right to comprehensive support and professional training to enhance their skills.

  • Bridgeway Staff are recognized for their exceptional commitment and support to Bridgeway Families.

  • Bridgeway Staff have the right to work in an environment of mutual trust and respect, be empowered to develop professional skills and experience personal growth.

  • Bridgeway Partnering Agencies have the right to excellent service, respectful communication and professional collaboration.


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