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Support Professionals enhance the lives of Foster Children, Youth and Young Adults by strengthening the healthy development of the family. They work collaboratively with Foster Parents and Bridgeway staff to provide goal-focused support. Services are tailored to meet diverse and challenging needs through individual, sibling, and family support.

Support Professionals are individuals who are qualified, certified, and skilled in areas of expertise such as:

◆  Child & Youth Care Practitioners

◆  Early Childhood Educators

◆  Personal Support Workers

◆  Social Service Professionals

◆  Educational Assistants

◆  Developmental Service Workers

◆  Human Service Counselors

◆  Teachers

How are services coordinated?


Academic Coaches encourage the academic development and success of Foster Children and Youth through tutoring, discussions with caregivers and teachers about academic needs, and direct assistance with studying, homework, and projects.


Access Facilitators support Social Service Professionals, families, and sibling groups in their effort to have positive and successful access visits. This may involve note-taking, supervision, or active participation in visits that occur in the home, in the community, or at a Children's Aid Society.


Family Support Associates provide wraparound support to Foster Children and their caregivers with a specific focus on the needs and relationships of the whole family. Family Support Specialists are qualified and trained to provide higher level of intensive family support in Treatment Foster Homes.


Child Youth Specialists provide individualized support to Foster Children, Youth, and Young Adults with a range of diverse needs and diagnoses. This service focuses more on individual goals such as self-care, behaviour or mood regulation, socialization, life skills, and physical activity.


Parent Coaches guide and support caregivers with their family interactions, parenting skill development, and best practices. Depending on the family's needs and goals, coaching and training may be provided by a contracted professional or our in-house clinical team.


Support Professionals are needed across Ontario

Learn about becoming a Foster Parent

How we support our Foster Families

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