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Mexico Missions Trip 2013


Youth Services' Mission

Bridgeway will address and help deliver improved outcomes for youth based on the Provincial ‘after-care’  statistical report emphasizing homelessness, unemployment, and suicide rates among youth who were raised in foster care. In addition, Youth Services will promote the development of team consisting of our Youth, Foster Parents, Child and Youth Professionals, and the Bridgeway Supervisory team who all work together to meet common goals. The innovative programs and services will support foster care placements by responding to the unique treatment needs of each youth in our care.

Youth Services' Vision

Brideway Family Homes is dedicated to developing and establishing innovative youth services that will empower youth and support the Foster Parents caring for youth. Our youth will experience positive outcomes as their needs will be met strategically through the sharing of resources and skills. 

The development of the youth services is designed to promote placement stability, increase youth's levels of self-worth through the practicing of pro-social skills and having meaningful engagement within their communities; In addition, the youth services offered through Bridgeway Family Homes will equip youth with the life skills necessary to be empowered and more prepared as they transition from foster care to adulthood.  

Youth Specialized Programs

  • Reaching Youth through Helping Others Program Initiatives 

  • Volunteer Programs

  • Youth Life Experience Trips, both local and abroad

  • Bridgeway's Life Skills Assessment

  • Bridgeway's Financial Literacy Program - Certification Course

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