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Bridgeway receives referral calls 24/7 to meet the needs of our placing agencies. We specialize in caring for children with complex care needs through our customized foster care programs: Parent Model Plus, Mixed Modality, Mixed Modality Plus and our recently developed Treatment Program.

Bridgeway Placement is Always a Phone Call Away

Bridgeway receives referral calls during business hours as well as after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, and on holidays. At all times the Placing Agencies can call Bridgeway and children can enter Foster Homes immediately without going into temporary Emergency Homes only to be moved again a few days later. Children’s needs first is the goal that drives the Placement Services at Bridgeway.

Bridgeway offers Placement Options Promptly

Bridgeway responds in a time sensitive manner to Placement Workers who have immediate referral needs. A profile of each Foster Family is shared along with their homestudy for the most thorough matching results.

Bridgeway is committed to Placement Excellence

The Placement Team coordinates all pre-placement arrangements, placement transfers whenever possible; attends all placement related meetings with Placing Agency Workers, Supervisors and Directors as needed; provides follow up to any and all concerns in a timely fashion with a comprehensive plan of action as it pertains to feedback; provides regular communication with Foster Parents for all new admissions for the first week of placement, attends 7 day visits, and shares all information with Placing Agency Workers.

Responsible Placement Services

Bridgeway Family Homes is diligent in building strong relationships with every Foster Family. The Placement Team communicates on a regular basis with all families and participates in new Foster Parent pre-service screening assessments, trainings and orientation sessions. Bridgeway believes that having an intimate knowledge of our Foster Families is essential for making the best placement matches for each referral made by the Placing Agency Workers. Our Homestudy Assessor is approved and certified to administer and complete SAFE Homestudy Reports.


Contact Person:

Gayle Einarsson

Program Development & Placement Manager


Contact: (416) 527-1191

Gayle is available 24/7 to Placing Agencies.

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