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Contracted Professionals are assigned to every Bridgeway Foster Home and are an integral part of each Foster Child/Youth’s multidisciplinary team of professionals. Bridgeway Contracted professionals work alongside our Foster Parents and our Foster Home Supervisors to help ensure the child/youth’s therapeutic treatment needs are being met.

Bridgeway contracts trained and experienced professionals to provide strategic and individualized support and intervention, programming and coaching pertinent to the broad scope of clinical treatment needs that many Foster Children/Youth have been diagnosed with.


Bridgeway’s support services are provided directly in the Foster Home environment and in the community as needed through the following methodologies:

  • Crisis Response and Intervention

  • Development of Safety Plans

  • Needs Assessments in the Foster Home

  • Parent Coaching and Training in the Foster Home

  • Life Skills Development training and programming with Children/Youth

  • Anger management training and programming for Children/Youth

  • Contracted Professionals deliver a personalized service based on a holistic and customized approach geared to the specific needs of each Foster Family, Child and Youth


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